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Why We're Here

This nonprofit corporation has the mission and vision to provide individuals and families with access to useful information, resources, support services, and activities, that promote thriving families who want to achieve their life goals. We accomplish this through personal and family empowerment activities and resources. 

 Other areas we strive to help families are with: decision-making skills, education and career planning, and employment resume and interview development. Healthy nutrition and fitness are addressed. These are each pieces of personal wholeness and a solid family well-being plan. 

Choices Wellbeing Center for Women and Families with Children, Inc., (CWC)  is about the whole person being well, and focusing on lasting benefits from one generation to the next.

Our vision is accomplished through sponsoring community events, hosting various themed small groups, as well as family and individual activities. 

Such activities may include, career planning, personal life-coaching, and having new experiences found in and around our communities. Other activities we do are museum trips, live theater, sporting events, and more as opportunities come our way. 

Choices Wellbeing Center for Women and Families with Children...

 has the goal to offer small groups, events, programs, and community services that help families thrive!

Women's Book  Club, Discussion Groups, and Bible Studies available.

One -to- One Life Coaching, Entrepreneur Training, and Career Planning Clinics.

"Daddy and Me" parenting and play activities.

Age appropriate activities and experiences.  Clubs for kids and their parents. 

"Grandparents Matter" special activities and support groups for grandparents caring for kids.

Our wellness approach caters to

the family as a unit, as well as individual family members.  Counseling services can include Christian counseling if desired by MSW's.  LCSW's are also available for services.

To learn more call:

951.315.6557 or


Friendship & Fellowship Groups 

Youth "Weekend Warrior" Activities, Travel Team Basketball Leagues, Field trips and More 

Life-Coaching & Life-Skills Development Classes

Inform About Choices, Connect with Choices, & Prepare for Action!

What our pasts participants are saying...

I would highly recommend these programs  to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to return again!

L. West- Riverside California

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Contact us at 909.213.2530 or leave a message at 951.315.6557

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